700+lbs of peak force

Apptronik P170 Orion

The P170 Orion is a linear series elastic actuator (SEA) with a unique combination of power-density, efficiency, and safety in a compact package. It is extremely versatile and suitable in applications where force control and power density are a requirement. The unique architecture of the Orion makes it 3x more power dense than other commercially available linear series elastic actuators.

Ball Screw Drive Train

Apptronik’s linear actuators utilize a ball screw drive train. The unique integration of the ball screw in our Orion actuator allows it to achieve very high mechanical efficiency compared to other actuators. It has no backlash, and is easy to back drive. The Orion’s ball screw allows for quiet operation, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Series Elastic Configuration

Series Elastic Actuators (SEAs) are ideal for applications where force-control and compliance are required. Apptronik’s Series Elastic Actuators contain a compliant spring that senses force. The compact design of the Orion enables it to achieve the highest power density of any SEA on the market.

A few benefits of Series Elastic Actuators are:
Human-safe compliance
Precise force control
Impact tolerance and durability

Compact design
Fits into small design envelopes
4kN/kg force density
Minimizes mass and inertial effects while maximizing power
Impact Tolerance
Shock absorption and robustness vs. rigid drivetrains
Ball screw drive train
High mechanical efficiency, high backdrivability, zero backlash, quiet operation
Maxon brushless DC motor
Smaller, more efficient and optimized for torque and power
High fidelity force feedback
Reactive and adaptive to the environment

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Rated power output170W
Continuous force847N [190lbs]
Peak force3200N [719lbs]
Max speed27.7cm/s [10.9in/s]
Stroke6.47cm [2.55in]
Mass786g [1.73lbs]
Max efficiency80% (load-dependent)
Current Draw5A continuous, 20A peak


Human interactive robotic systems
Human interactive robotic systems
Wearable robotics
Wearable robotics
Dynamic, legged robotics
Dynamic, legged robotics
Precision agriculture
Precision agriculture
Industrial automation
Industrial automation
Any other application that demands force precision

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