1800+lbs of peak force

Apptronik PL360 Aquarius

The Aquarius is Apptronik’s most advanced and powerful actuator. Aquarius is for applications where power and precision are an absolute necessity. Aquarius is one of the first electric actuators that can contend with hydraulics in terms of power density and precision, and has 4x more efficiency! Aquarius is liquid cooled, and utilizes our futuristic reFLEX™ spring technology instead of traditional springs, to provide damping in addition to elasticity. This is the next-generation of actuation and offered exclusively by Apptronik.

Liquid Cooled Motor

High performance applications place heavy demands on electric systems. Apptronik’s proprietary liquid cooling systems give our actuators more SPEED and 3X POWER DENSITY over air cooled actuators.

reFLEX Springs™

Traditional series elastic actuators use metal springs. Our reFLEX™ springs are visco-elastic springs and were designed with the help of NASA. They provide dampening in addition to elasticity, allowing for more position control over traditional SEAs.

Compact and modular design
Integrates well into space-constrained designs
Ball screw drive train
High mechanical efficiency, high backdrivability, zero backlash, quiet operation, prismatic motion
Series Compliance
Force control with improved positioning capability
Integrates well into mass-constrained designs

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Rated power output360W
Continuous force1977N [445lbs]
Peak force6236N [1600lbs]
Max speed40.4cm/s [15.9in/s]
Stroke8.3cm [3.26in]
Mass1.6kg [2.58lbs]
Max efficiency81% (load-dependent)
Current Draw5A continuous, 20A peak


Human interactive robotic systems
Human interactive robotic systems
Wearable robotics
Wearable robotics
Dynamic, legged robotics
Dynamic, legged robotics
Precision agriculture
Precision agriculture
Industrial automation
Industrial automation
Any other application that demands force precision

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