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Aries Motor Test Bed

Education & Training
The Aries Motor Test Bed is the starting point for any advanced robotics education curriculum. With Aries, students can apply classroom instruction with real-world physical systems rather than computer simulations. Real world systems helps students visualize and understand classroom lectures. By better understanding the foundations of physical modeling, students are able to better grasp core concepts and advance to more complex robotic systems.

Plug & Play

Aries provides a solution right out of the box. Ten minutes from opening, users can begin testing their control algorithms on a live system with preloaded content and a virtual lab. Now anyone, from students to hobbyists can learn the fundamentals of a robotic system before moving on to more advanced systems.

Pre-loaded Labs

Many students are visual learners. Therefore, educators commonly supplement lectures and equations with practical exercises and demonstrations. In robotics education, these demonstrations are commonly in the form of computer simulations. This method is very limited, however, as simulations usually produce a simple graphical representation of data. This does little in helping a student observe and understand physical system behavior. This changes with Aries.

Included Labs:
– Motor current control
– Establishing EMF constant
– Dampening Measurement
– Virtual Stiffness
– Virtual Dampening
– Inertial Compensation
– More to come!

Progressive curriculum
Graduated learning path from the basics to more advanced labs
Modular design
Wide range of experiments on same platform
Full lesson plans included
Continuity and common notation from lessons to application
Open the box and begin learning within 10 minutes
Robot Operating System (ROS)
Same operating system as advanced robotic platforms.
Compact, Durable Design
Fits on a desktop or individual workspace. Hold up to tough testing in variety of environments.

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