Force & Compliant Controls

AXON Control Board

Axon Control Boards™ offer the latest in control technologies and are designed to support the full line of Apptronik Actuators or any other actuator or sensor. Axon controllers augment traditional motor controllers with additional sensor input capabilities and software allowing for real-time control for the most advanced actuator requirements. Maximum performance demands high performance controllers, and Axon Controls are the next generation of control.

Modular Design

Our controllers are scalable to any system requirement and allow for easier integration. The Axon features a diverse set of sensors to satisfy a wide variety of system requirements and applications.

Sensor Suite:

  • 2x quadrature encoders
  • 2x absolute encoders
  • Load cell interface (with signal conditioning)
  • 2x thermal sensors


EtherCAT communications

Optimized for real-time and low latency data transfer. EtherCat Communications provide optimized real-time control and low latency data transfer. Multiple EtherCat data ports allows “daisy chaining” Axon boards for complex systems.

Floating point processor
Sophisticated, more precise control vs. fixed point
Seven sensor input ports
Capable of advanced, multi-sensor control
Force-control algorithms
Superior force tracking performance
EtherCat communications
Optimized for real-time and low latency data transfer
Thermal control
Motor temperature monitoring to prevent damage
Modular motor controller interface
Customize motor controller selection (AMC, Elmo, Maxon)

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