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Taurus Testing System

Education & Training
Taurus is the first step to evaluating and implementing Apptronik’s Orion Series Elastic Actuator. The single degree-of-freedom configuration allows students and researchers to validate in the simplest configuration possible before implementing into more complex designs. The pre-loaded demos and programs allow users to quickly demonstrate control principles as an instructional tool, while Taurus’s open-source software facilitates research and software development for more advanced applications.

Plug & Play

Taurus provides a solution right out of the box. Ten minutes from opening, users can begin testing their control algorithms on an Orion actuator that is custom designed for high performance applications. Once researchers have completed evaluation on a single DOF system, they can remove the Orion actuator from Taurus to implement into a larger system.

Pre-loaded Demos

Get up and going with pre-loaded impedance, position, and gravity compensation demos. The easy-to-use graphic interface allows users to quickly adjust system parameters and inputs in order to demonstrate control fundamentals and evaluate performance.

Included Items:

The Taurus comes in a handy carrying case with all of the tools you need to begin learning to control Apptronik actuators for your system. Items included:

  • a P170 Orion SEA Actuator
  • a development version of Axon Control Board
  • a Linux control PC preloaded with the latest version of Apptronik’s Development Platform. This includes our API, control UI, and preloaded demos (force, position, impedance control)
  • a carrying case


Open the box and begin testing within 10 minutes
Single degree of freedom
Understand/validate controls in a simple configuration
Open Testbed Configuration
Easily access to all components for testing and troubleshooting
Pre-loaded Demos
Get up and going with pre-loaded impedance, position, and gravity compensation demos
Apptronik Development Platform
Fine-grain control with easy to read user interface and API
Robot Operating System
Get accustomed to ROS operating system or load your own

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