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Apptronik’s products are born out of decades of research and development to make robots lighter, safer, and more powerful than ever before. Our goal is empower the next generation of robotics by making world-class technology available to anyone from hobbyists to advanced researchers.


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700+lbs of peak force

Apptronik P170 Orion

The P170 Orion is a linear series elastic actuator (SEA) with a unique combination of power-density, efficiency, and safety in a compact package. It is extremely versatile and suitable in applications where force control and power density are a requirement. The unique architecture of the Orion makes it 3x more power dense than other commercially available linear series elastic actuators.
1800+lbs of peak force

Apptronik PL360 Aquarius

The Aquarius is Apptronik’s most advanced and powerful actuator. Aquarius is for applications where power and precision are an absolute necessity. Aquarius is one of the first electric actuators that can contend with hydraulics in terms of power density and precision, and has 4x more efficiency!
Plug & Play

Taurus Testing System

Education & Training
Taurus is the first step to evaluating and implementing Apptronik’s Orion Series Elastic Actuator. The single degree-of-freedom configuration allows students and researchers to validate in the simplest configuration possible before implementing into more complex designs. The pre-loaded demos and programs allow users to quickly demonstrate control principles as an instructional tool, while Taurus’s open-source software facilitates research and software development for more advanced applications.
Plug & Play

Aries Motor Test Bed

Education & Training
The Aries Motor Test Bed is the starting point for any advanced robotics education curriculum. With Aries, students can apply classroom instruction with real-world physical systems rather than computer simulations. Real world systems helps students visualize and understand classroom lectures. By better understanding the foundations of physical modeling, students are able to better grasp core concepts and advance to more complex robotic systems.
Liquid Cooled


Draco is Apptronik’s latest robot. It is a liquid cooled, high-performance bipedal platform. The current prototype has 10 DOF and can be a platform for any humanoid system, with easy integration between systems because of the open access to low level control software and libraries for RT Linux/ROS integration. Draco is designed for speed and power. It is efficient, and research on it will be key to unlocking the next generation of robotics.
Force & Compliant Controls

AXON Control Board

Axon Control Boards™ offer the latest in control technologies and are designed to support the full line of Apptronik Actuators or any other actuator or sensor. Axon controllers augment traditional motor controllers with additional sensor input capabilities and software allowing for real-time control for the most advanced actuator requirements. Maximum performance demands high performance controllers, and Axon Controls are the next generation of control.
Auxiliary System Support

MEDULLA EtherCAT Network Controller

The Medulla is the single point of access for Apptronik’s EtherCAT network. The Medulla is designed to allow multiple actuators and sensors to work together. The Medulla can directly interface with a variety of sensors such as GPS, distance, etc. and auxiliary systems such as liquid cooling pumps and fans.

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