Southwest Robotics Conference


Today and tomorrow is the Southwest Robotics Conference at Arizona State University. Check out our Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Luis Sentis, in his session on Sustainable Human-Centered Robots on Friday, Jan 26th from 9:25-9:50.

Abstract for Session: As new embedded systems and machine design methods are devised, the number of actuators and sensors on robots steadily increases. These new generation of robots are required to blend around with humans, fulfill missions quickly, and guarantee safety. One question that arises is what will be the gold standard of human-centered robots in terms of sustainability and performance. For this reason I will discuss recent advancements on new embodiments of robots such as the use of liquid cooled viscoelastic actuators to enhance proprioception, power density and position controllability in humanoid robots. I will then proceed to discuss key issues in distributed control embedded architectures for human-centered systems, interventional safety, and whole-body legged locomotion and manipulation.

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