Building Robots that Work with People. Accomplishing Tasks Humans Don’t Want to.
Logistics Solutions
Trailer unloading, case picking, and down stacking
Manufacturing Solutions
Line replenishment, depalletization and tote movement
Construction Solutions
Hold in place, work at height, and truck loading

The Apptronik Mission

Robots have the potential to reshape our existence. Our mission is to leverage robotics to improve universal quality of life. Robots will become one of the most impactful and effective tools humanity has ever created. We believe robots should do the work humans don’t want to do.

We pursue ambitious goals to make this a reality. We’re not satisfied making incremental improvements to the status quo but are driven to change the paradigm altogether. Our robots are versatile, capable of solving numerous tasks with a single embodiment.

Our robots work in facilities designed for humans to Assist with:

Labor Shortages
High Turnover
Workers’ Comp Claims
Work Related Injuries

Coming Soon

Apollo is getting ready for launch. Stay tuned for exciting updates
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