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We are Apptronik, an award winning robotics company offering a family of innovative robotics products, components, and engineering services available to everyone.
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The Apptronik Approach

Our mission is to develop robots that can live and work alongside humans, making our lives easier, more productive, and safer.

Apptronik has a long history of advanced robotics contributions, including assisting in the development of mechatronic and control software for advanced legged robots such as NASA’s Valkyrie humanoid robot and Meka’s Hume point foot biped.

Our research and development is leading to new innovations that are making robots lighter, safer and more powerful than ever before. As we develop these innovative products and components we make them available to everyone.

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Our Focus

Advanced Robotics Products and Components

Explore the revolutionary Apptronik family of high-performance robotics components, including High Efficiency Series Elastic Actuators and Real-Time Control Systems

Robotics Education and Training Tools

Apptronik platforms and tools assist with the fundamental education of robotics, including research for more advanced systems.

Robotics Design and Engineering Services

At Apptronik, we have extensive experience designing and fabricating advanced robotic systems for public and private clients alike.

Latest News

Apptronik named Semifinalist for NASA iTech!

We are excited to be selected as SemiFinalists for NASA iTech! We have been lucky enough to work with NASA in the past, and look forward to working with them and others to usher in the next era of space exploration. Robots…

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