Machine Tending

Autonomous tuggers only provide partial automation

Whether using workcell-based or line-based manufacturing, manufacturers are deploying autonomous tugger trains of carts to transport kits or totes from warehouses or tote supermarkets to lines or workcells.

While autonomous tuggers alleviate the need for a manufacturer to staff tugger drivers and also upskill tugger drivers to handle more complex tasks, there is still labor required to transfer totes from workcells or lines to tugger carts.

Autonomous tuggers plus Apollo provide complete automation

Apollo, our general-purpose humanoid robot, can work in conjunction with autonomous tuggers to fully automate the tote-based machine tending process and eliminate the need for humans to manually transfer totes to tugger carts, also enabling the upskilling of employees to more advanced positions.

As Apollo is a general purpose robot, it can handle different tasks is a manufacturing plant and task switch throughout the day.
While there are a thousand forms of special purpose automation that do one or two tasks, Apollo will be able to do thousands of tasks, especially those that humans don’t want to do.

Humanoid Robots Are Different

Humanoid robots have a similar body shape and size to humans, so they can use the same tools and equipment as humans and navigate the same spaces as humans.
Cannot Be Hired Away
Surge Robots during Peak Season
Works 24x7
Does Not Get Injured
Simple to Hire & Train
Affordable Labor