Trailer Unloading

Unloading trailers is hard

The use of robots to unload trailers is a growing trend, and it is likely to become even more common in the future.

Unloading a trailer or container in the Arizona Summer or Wisconsin Winter can be hard enough even if the cases are light. Heavy cases introduce an entirely new dimension to this task. ​

Humanoid robots are general purpose

With the ongoing labor shortage that is especially affecting logistics, the associates unloading trailers could be redeployed to tasks that are better suited for humans with automation handling trailer unloading. ​

Apollo, our general-purpose humanoid robot is different than special purpose, bespoke trailer unloading solutions as it can handle different tasks is a distribution center and task switch throughout the day. ​​
While there are a thousand forms of special purpose automation that do one or two tasks, Apollo will be able to do thousands of tasks, especially those that humans don’t want to do. ​

Humanoid Robots Are Different

Humanoid robots have a similar body shape and size to humans, so they can use the same tools and equipment as humans and navigate the same spaces as humans.
Affordable Labor
Cannot Be Hired Away
Works 24x7
Does Not Get Injured
Simple to Hire & Train
Surge Robots During Peak Season