Automation is the New Normal

In today's dynamic retail landscape, consumer expectations are soaring and competition is fierce. Retailers must consistently find new ways to stay ahead while doing more with less.

Manual processes can be labor-intensive and prone to errors, resulting in increased costs and wasted resources. As such, automation has evolved from being an optional enhancement into an absolute necessity needed for sustained growth in the highly competitive and rapidly evolving retail landscape.

Whether shipping to a store or directly to a consumer, automation enables retailers to remain competitive, meet customer expectations, and achieve operational excellence.

General Purpose Automation Changes the game

Since many retailers own and manage their own facilities, they are able to invest in fixed automation that would be too risky for a 3PL.

Fixed automation can be more efficient than flexible automation, but fixed automation can limit the flexibility needed for seasonality, marketfluctuations, or even pandemics where order mixes can shift from predominantly to stores to predominantly to e-commerce and then back to predominantly to stores.

If that fixed automation is idle for any reason, then it cannot be leveraged for a different task and the payback of the investment in that fixed automation is delayed.

What’s needed is automation that is not just flexible, but also general purpose.

Flexible, general purpuse automation enables retailers to quickly adjust to changing demands and meet customer expectations without

Humanoid Robots Provide
General Purpose Automation

While there are a thousand forms of special purpose automation that do one or two tasks, humanoid robots are the only form of automation that will be able to do thousands of tasks and be able to task switch whenever required.

Apollo was designed to work with humans and do the tasks that humans don’t want to do including heavy repetitive lifting, trailer unloading, downstacking, case picking, etc.

Keeping Up With Fluctuating Demand

Under a RaaS, Robot as a Service, model short-term rentals can be added for peak season

Task Switch as Needed

Switching tasks is just a point and click away

Brownfield & Greenfield Sites

Improve current operations with no capital requirements or changes to infrastructure