Apollo was developed from Apptronik’s experience and expertise in building over 10 previous robots including NASA’s Valkyrie robot.

Apollo will operate in warehouses and manufacturing plants in the near term eventually extending into construction, oil and gas, electronics production, retail, home delivery, elder care and countless more areas.

Apollo is the first commercial humanoid robot that was designed for friendly interaction, mass manufacturability, high payloads and safety
4 hours per
battery pack
160 Lbs
55 Lbs

Modular Design

Apollo is modular and can be mounted to any mobility platform, stationary, or fully mobile with legs.

Intuitive Interaction

LEDs in head, Mouth, and Chest all working together to communicate status

Battery Life

Hot swappable battery packs, each with a four-hour runtime, allow Apollo to continue working with a simple battery change instead of a plug-in charge during which time it is not operational. If desired, Apollo can be plugged into charge or tethered for continuous operation.

One Robot,
Endless Possibilities

Unbeaten Safety
Advanced Force
Control Architecture
Similar to the safety advantages of a
collaborative robot over an industrial robot,
Apptronik’s unique force control
architecture provides safe movement
around humans.
Perimeter Zone
The outer zone and Apollo’s behavior
when an object is detected can be
adjusted to create a safe working
Impact Zone
Apollo immediately pauses any
movement when moving objects are
detected in the impact radius

Intuitive Software

Apollo’s software suite enables point-and-click control of your humanoid robots and automation by deploying and fully integrating a wide range of solutions into your warehouse and manufacturing operations.

General Purpose Humanoid Robot
Apollo has a similar body shape and size to a human. This enables it to navigate humans spaces and use our tools and equipment. This makes human interaction natural and allows it to perform tasks that would be difficult or impossible for other types of robots.