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Human-centered Robotics
Apptronik specializes in human-centered robotic systems. These are robotics systems that operate in close proximity to humans. They are agile, safer, and more capable than systems of the past. Our team has had the great fortune of working on the most advanced human-centered systems in the world.


Apptronik's upper body humanoid robot. It is designed to operate with and around humans. It has state-of-the-art actuation packed into a small form factor and can be put on any mobility platform.


Draco is Apptronik’s first biped. It is a liquid cooled, high-performance bipedal platform. The system has 10 DOFs and can be a platform for any humanoid system, with easy integration between systems because of the open access to low level control software and libraries for RT Linux/ROS integration. Draco is designed for speed and power. It is efficient, and research on it was key to unlocking agile dynamic walking.


The Apptronik team was selected to work on the NASA Valkyrie Robot for the DARPA Robotics Challenge during 2012-2013. Valkyrie was a highly ambitious project, and Apptronik’s co-founders were selected to be part of the core team to work on the actuators and controls. Apptronik's novel linear actuators are incorporated through out the Valkyrie robot, and lessons learned from this project helped to inform the latest generation of our technologies. Valkyrie has 44 DOFs, and most of its joints have series elastic actuators.


Dreamer is an advanced upper-body humanoid that was originally developed by MEKA for UT Austin's HCRL. It incorporates an advanced custom head with 7 neck/eye DOFs and an additional 6 ear/eyelid DOFs. It is designed to engage humans in new ways and make social connection easier. It is currently mounted on a mobile base for mobile manipulation. It has been featured in Transformers 4, and on countless materials. It is built on series elastic actuators with novel technologies. Dreamer has been the foundation for much of the work of HCRL and was built between 2010 and 2013.


Hume is a point foot bi-ped robot that was originally designed by MEKA systems. It was commissioned by UT Austin's HCRL in 2011, and was the basis for many of the innovations that began to develop afterwards. It was designed with series elastic actuators and understanding the mechanics of this robots was key to the insights to design smaller, more compact series elastic actuators. Apptronik recently replaced all of the embedded systems in Hume with our own Axon and Medulla controls and are now working on the next iteration of the platform.

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